God’s Prey has made a strong statement as a label upon the release of their debut collection which is now in stores. Sean Reveron and Meghan MacRae have a unique approach to their work and the “The Night Marchers” Collection is evidence of the way they work. Available now from Welcome Hunters, L A, Addicted, Seoul, Destination Shop, Amsterdam, Heathen, Tokyo, The Outpost, Brisbane, Phenomenon, Tokyo, Goods, Seattle we were also able to create an article in issue 2 of THE NEW ORDER.


“God’s Prey begins with our First Voice. In this place, we can create with our imaginations above anything else. From the start of the brand, we agreed to trust ourselves and each other, and forget anything else. We started God’s Prey to venture into new creative spaces. We accept that some beings will think that what we create may be strange or brilliant. We are making what is in our minds, and we are making what we love. God’s Prey is for us and for the people who want to travel where we are traveling.

“For Fall/Winter 2009, “The Night Marchers,” we connect our brains on the planet of 420, and travel on slow clouds of doom metal. Our first season is about ancient spirits and inner flights, and how they coexist. This season we have focused on developing a strong and cohesive platform for God’s Prey’s ascension into the world of Fashion. Enclosed you will find a journey through time & space, through a classic approach to avant garde street fashion. It is very important for us not only to offer new and interesting pieces, but also that the level of quality must be the best we can attain.
“God’s Prey uses only the highest quality fabrics, materials and notions for all of our garments, and all our clothing is 100% made in the USA. The God’s Prey t-shirt or tank is printed using the best quality inks and most advanced processes, leaving a vibrant print that melts into the fabric. We take the artisan’s approach to making clothing, and as such every piece we deliver reflects the pride and care we take in our creations. This imbues God’s Prey with positive energies that the wearer will feel.”