Drawing inspiration from 1950’s mens footwear Parisian label Good Guys may seem like your standard label from the surface but their message lies much deeper within their pieces. While the silhouettes may seem familiar to those who have followed the trends currently in footwear, the Unisex label had added an eco friendly twist by producing their entire line with eco friendly non animal based materials, something we haven’t seen much of in this type of casual footwear. The usage of eco friendly materials doesn’t detract from the quality craftsmanship expressed in the sense of a true Parisian line.

Credit: Streething

3 Responses

  1. David Dooley

    Sorry how are these ‘eco-friendly’? A shoe made out of plastic can be suitable for vegetarians but its not going to decompose is it? Also their website doesnt explain exactly what theyre comprised of so its out of order to market these shoes as ‘eco-friendly’ in my view. Even vegetable tanned leather is more eco-friendly than synthetic leather. Unless these shoes are either compostable or you can take them apart to recycle its components its NOT eco-friendly..

    • Charlie M

      You are totally right to question how eco-friendly any new product is, and the term itself is debatably meaningless at this point. In actuality (and to their credit), the Good Guys website doesn’t contain any marketing copy as to its eco-friendliness, only that it doesn’t use animal products in manufacture. I have a pair and they’re mostly cotton canvas, woven in with a synthetic microfiber for the sueded effect. They’re actually pretty handsome and remarkably well-made.

      That said, decomposition isn’t the only metric for environmental impact. Industrial animal farming is hands-down the largest contributor to greenhouse gases. Stepping back from supporting that industry to buy shoes that have a limited amount of petroleum product in them is, while not a perfect solution, one way to be fashionable and more considerate consumer.