Damn yo, waking up at 7am is not a good look. At all. I’ve been able to catch like 5 hours of sleep, then hit the shower and went for a little stroll to enjoy the morning peace and quiet while the city prepares itself for another hectic day, like it always does. No rain thankfully, unlike last evening while looking for ATM and tattoo shop.
If you’re visiting Hong Kong and need a safe and afforable place to stay Hotel Benito is a proper choice. Do get ear plugs though if you can’t sleep with outside noise. This bunch of tipsy goons decided it was a good idea to politic right across the street in the middle of the night. If you know Chinese people, you know they can be LOUD (no Steve Rifkin). The rates for this hotel are fair, the rooms are nice and clean, there’s free internets, and the location is pretty much central to everything. Nathan Road and TST station are only a couple metres away.
Tom Lee is the jawn, tucked away on the sidestreet. Whether you need a MPC, turntables, keyboards, Fender Stratocaster or any other music instruments, this is the place.
Bonus flick: Supreme was still closed!!!