Who is Goodhood, whos involved?

Goodhood was started by Jo & Kyle, two designers with their heads in clouds and thier feet on the ground….unhappy with nowhere to shop in their homeland, and saddened that London didnt have fresh representation of the streetwear thing in retail and labels, they decided to do it themselves. Three long years of saving, planning and building later Goodhood is a reality and Jo & Kyle are happy at last to be doing something they believe in!

Where and when did you guys become involved in this culture?

We grew up in the 80’s! Clubbing, skating, drawing, painting, living!

Why Retail? What do you feel Goodhood brings to the scene?

Both of us ended up designing for big brands and were disheartened by the reality of the products they make their money from… so starting our own shop selling the kind of products that inspired us seemed a natural way to go. Goodhood isn’t just about retail for us, its a creative space, a studio, a gallery, a place we can mould and change, it exists outside of the confines of the rest of the retail market place…its a platform for us to showcase and support the brands, artwork & music we love.

Goodhood brings a unique viewpoint based on love of product from a designers perspective. It shows what you can do with little money but a lot of vision, commitment and passion, a shock to all the people who thought they were the only ones capable of doing something worthwhile in London, and an inspiration to all who have ideas and are yet to realise them. We are full of love not hate, Goodhood is about community not competition…bringing people together and moving things forward is all we can hope for!

You have a great list of brands in store, who do you see as your typical customer?

Forward thinkers, movers and shakers, pimps and prostitues, rock & royalty, and anybody else that like decent gear. People that are looking for something that stands a bit to the left of the streetwear centre.

The Goodhood store stocks a dynamic mix of underground Streetwear for Men and Women with labels such as WoodWood and Perks & Mini, alongside more familiar avant-garde designers like Bernhard Willhelm and Tsumori Chisato. Other labels include Rittenhouse, Gasius, Call of the Wild, Special Needs, Keep shoes, Medicom Life, and Gregory Japan as well a unique selection of assorted goods such as bespoke jewelry, accessories, fanzines, books and interior products.

In addition to the retail store, the 2 storey premises will be home to the Goodhood Gallery and Studio. The Gallery space will regularly showcase artists, illustrators, animators and designers from around the globe. The basement level design studio, attached to the Goodhood store, will be home to a small group of creatives working both independently and collaboratively under the same roof on projects from graphics and clothing design to 3D animation, web design and illustration. As part of the studio Jo & Kyle continue to run their design consultancy Dead Good. Approaching the end of its 2nd year in business, Dead Good sucessfully operates as a consultant specialist to several brands covering the full development of graphics & illustration, clothing design, trend forecasting and concept design & development with a veiw to expanding into other areas in the near future.

Goodhood is located at 41 Coronet Street, Hoxton, London. You can sign up the newsletter and get further details at www.goodhood.co.uk