Kyle Stewart and Jo Sindle of Goodhood were asked to collaborate with Paul Smith’s brother R Newbold. R Newbold is a heavyweight player in Japan and is regarded with great respect by those in the fashion world due to its design ethos and credible heritage dating back to 1885,  so the decision was not a tough one to make for the goodhooders.

Working in close proximity with the R.Newbold team the Goodhood team endeavoured to make something that would reflect the synergy between
the two brands.

The collection is based on mountaineering outerwear and has been produced in Japan, thus the quality is unsurpassed … technical gear was given the once over and then some by ‘Rab’ an exemplary figure in ‘British Outerwear’ to ensure zips and fastenings could stand a trip up Ben Nevis and not let in the perishing cold, let alone the shoreditch breezes !!!

The denim produced is in a slim fit with the Goodhood signature wonky text all over printed on the inside.

Releases start of October!!!