In a modern tribute to Holland’s “King’s Day” national holiday, food-centric publication The Gourmand has teamed up with Ace & Tate to present a pair of carrot-inspired sunglasses. Although the phallic vegetable is about the least likely source of inspiration for contemporary eyewear we can think of, it actually makes sense: The Gourmand was looking into Beta-carotene, a red-orange pigment found in orange foods and plants, which led them to focus on orange carrots, reputed to have originated from the Netherlands in the 1500’s. 

King’s Day, celebrated on the 27th of April, marks the birth of King Willem-Alexander and continues to be celebrated in tribute to the Dutch Royal Family through “orange madness”, a time of general silliness and festivity in Holland.

Now that our history lesson is over, take a look at the image above, the frames featured are Jack in Caramel Havana, with a special edition orange lens.


The Gourmand X Ace & Tate