Gourmet offers a glimpse at their Holiday ’13 collection with a range of unique textures applied to three signature silhouettes. Setting it off right are the Rossi L and Nove 2 LX models – dressed in full grain Nappa leather and Stingray printed leather- with waxed cotton laces and rubber cup soles. Next we see two versions of the 35 Lite silhouette, this season weighing in with full-grain Giraffe/Elephant print suede and nylon options, waxed cotton laces, and feather weight technical outsoles. Rounding out the drop is the 35 Lite Camo, a third take on the signature silhouette, presented in full-grain water resistant Wolverine ® Brandforest camp leather with waxed cotton laces and a feather weight technical outsole. Got all that? Good.

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