The Hyeres Festival of Fashion and Photography is a platform for emerging artist to showcase their most recent pieces to an eager audience of curious on lookers. This is where New York based clothing designer, Graham Tabor, recently participated in the Festival to display his work in clothing design. Quite innovative, the designs introduced by Graham Tabor exhibit a form primitive tribalism evidence by his use of torn, stitched, disfigured garments that exude a warrior like motif. Working in conjunction with a slew of other artist (Photography: Miguel Villalobos, Accessories: Kristin Victoria Barron, Hair: Chinatsu Nobe, Make-up: Fumii Nakagawa), Tabor creates a collection that defy common conventions through the use of clothing and anatomical ambiguity. For more info on the Graham Tabor and the Hyeres Festival, please consort this The Hyeres Festival website.

Thanks to Cool Hunting for the heads up..