Swedish footwear company, Gram continue to develop their strong line of weight conscious footwear for the up-coming 2009 f/w collection. 
“A new Heavy Weight collection features an updated deck shoe made with heavy leathers, oiled surfaces and indestructable quality. The 18mm thick rubber outsole with lug pattern is stitched all the way through with high tensile strength nylon thread, as is common with classic deck shoes. Fully leather lined, extra strength toe caps and complete with heavy duty lacing hardware gives you a shoe that won’t shy the perils of the fierce northern winters. If heavy shoes aren’t your thing there’s also the Tobi collection made of gramLW textile — a brand new development made of lightweight components and smooth cotton canvas The collection name Tobi is Japanese and is the common term used for any kind of traditional worker and the uniform they carry. Weighing in at only 271g and 283g respectively.” – WE ARE THE MARKET