This March Swedish design company ‘gram’ will introduce its premium line gramSE. Gram SE will be origianlly be one style, individually serial numbered and in very limited quantities available in both monochrome white or black.

Gram has created a classic hi-top shoe, which can be worn whatever, the weather and hides a multitude of technological wonders, which will make these your favourite shoes for years. Gram has stripped away all colour and created two distinct looks with the simple and effective use of monochrome. On one side stands a shoe that appears to have been dipped in a bucket of white paint; sole, upper and lacing all blend seamlessly with each other to produce a blinding yet refined look. It’s polar opposite in black bears the same tone-in-tone expression but rests on a white sole effectively shifting the balance and lines of the shoe.

Outsole: To recreate the comfort of proffesional trainers the choice of outsole became a mixture of EVA and abrasion resistant rubber. EVA has excellent dampening properties alsomaintains good support in all directions while the outsole rubber gives you all the gripand durability you need.

Enclosed with each pair of gramSE are also replacement parts for the outsole rubber at front and heel, so that if for some reason you wear them out, it’s just a matter of swapping to a fresh pair. Each front and heel outsole piece has a yellow “freshness seal” stripe printed across it to make sure what you are buying is completely ‘box fresh’. Shell Thick-coated cow leather makes up the exterior, offering both envious looks and superior. Triple stitching on all seams and reinforced lacing ensures a long and healthy relationship for the buyer and their gramSE shoes.

Lining: Fully lined with moisture absorbing, quick drying mesh the inside will comforts the feet as well as keep them warm and dry. Padding at the top edge and no sharp edges or ridgesinside means there is no break-in period required, just lace them up in the store and go.

Insole: Designed to work together with the outsole, this ergonomically shaped insole spoils yourfeet with both neoprene heel dampening, silicone arch support and allover EVA cushioning.

Covered in quick drying microfiber cloth to help transport moisture away while maintaining its softness.

Gram SE is available from specialist retailers, in Japan, Scandinavia and Australia. Sizing ranges from 40 – 45 and they have a retail price of around €220. .They are not only dedicated to designing shoes, but it was the natural choice for their first collection. For AW07 Gram expanded their product mix with a number of knitwear garments which will be continued for SS08. Gram products are sold in United States, Germany, UK, Scandinavia, Japan, Australia, France, Spain, Canada, Italy and Belgium. Please visit for more information.