With all the success of the graniph innagrual design award last year the Japanese t-shirt company are set to launch vol. 2 of this magnificent competition that offers so much for aspiring designers, illistrators and artists. In there short existence graniph have incorperated some of the finest artist from around the globe to produce some of the finest t-shirt graphics. The philosphy of the t-shirt company is simple although their execution is above par as graniph continue to have a huge impact in culture in Japan and around the globe. We have taken a small look into the company and what makes graniph such a great entity in today’s culture.

artwork showcased; The ten winners of the graniph design award vol.1

Founded in 2001, graniph was the pioneer in a new era of art and culture in Tokyo with the opening of its first Design Tshirt store graniph, a store specialising in only T-shirts. Currently they have more than 50 stores in Japan, two in Taiwan, three in Singapore and one store in Australia.


artwork showcased, clockwise from top left; Kristian Russell, Lucy Mcleod, Jon Santos, David Foldvari

Every month about 70 new T-shirt designs are released and produced in limited quantities of up to 1000 pieces. A daily variation of 300 T-shirts is constantly displayed in the stores and on the graniph website with an aim to make sure you find something new everytime.


artwork showcased, clockwise from top left; Peter Arkle, Andy Potts, Rui Tenreiri, Archigram

In addition to inhouse designs, graniph collaborate with well known and upcoming artists from around the globe.  Collaborations with various companies on movie and music productions and events adds further depth to the graniph collection. graniph is a creative exchange platform aimed to introduce all of their collaboration artists to a wide audience, with regular update on their profiles and news on the graniph website in the artists section and the graniph newsblog. The graniph monthly magazine is a lookbook that showcases the new designs and how they are used to create the unique graniph ambience.


artwork showcased, clockwise from top left; Linn Oloffsdotter, Darryl Waller, Reluctanthero

The graniph annual T-shirt design awards encourage young and professional creatives to send us their ideas from around the globe. Through this interaction graniph uses T-shirts as the medium to showcase and introduce new waves in design at a higher level.


The graniph international T-shirts design award vol.2 begins on the 1st of February and runs until the 31st of March 2008 calling young artists, designers, illustrators and photographers to send their ideas for T-shirt designs in. Everyone is welcome to apply regardless of age, gender or artistic background. With some great prizes at stack and some even better exposure including being promoted through the graniph website and the international press and have their design printed on a graniph T!

Detailed informations and the application form are available at  www.graniph.com/award


For more information about graniph please check out there website which includes there online store and details about upcoming collaborations and much more.