When friends Jon Buscemi and Ryan Babenzien got together to rethink the idea of mens footwear they did so with the urge to buck current trends, which today tread towards luxury minimalist athletic inspired footwear. The seedling of this partnership is GREATS a new footwear concept which seeks to shake up the train of thought as it pertains to luxury based trainers. At first glance its rudimentary styling can be mistaken as “basic” yet to the trained eye the subtle design ethos applied to each model becomes apparent instantly. The Wilson provides stands as work horse of the two launching silhouettes. The canvas based model draws its inspiration from classics such as the Chuck Taylor and the Vans. The Royale becomes the more refined brother of the bunch. Its deerskin exterior combined with a calfskin lined inner shouldn’t live at the price point it is to be offered at, yet it lives. It will be interesting to see what if anything will be the response to such a daring and to be honest well played move by a new brand. With 20+ years of knowledge being brought to the table this play was surely well thought out lets hope the execution can live up to its goals. The Wilson and Royale will become available today online through the GREATS site.