Gordon Gekko’s words may have echoed in the ears of the 25000 employees of Lehman Brothers & it was Greed at the end of the day the brought it all down. A few Fat Cats were being paid Millions of Dollars & were not keeping their eye on the ball.
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I would like it very much if there was a Common Greed in Aid of the Common Good.

You know a bit of that 60’s ‘of the People, by the People, for the People’ A group of cats with just as much zeal making money for an even spread.

Yes perhaps I wish to live in a simple world where everything is almost equal & there is a little more, get together about ones action…a little less selfish, & a little more selfless.

It seems to me that a Selfish Greed keeps you from enjoying what it is to be alive & awake. All you want to do is feed that Greed, once you have some…you want more.

The Greatest of Addiction…the desire for more & more money. Wait I do not hate those that make vast amounts of Money, if they take time to enjoy it…live a little. But to strive & strive to make more & more, & that being their sole intention…how much is enough.

An unanswerable question…but sadly it seems that there is never enough.

The Want of many has brought us to where we are today, & as normal the many suffer, while the few still rest in the lap of…you pick an adjective that suits you.

Something has to change to break the Greed.

Be Well