Scientist John Young has combined a 1977 BMW motorcycle with a sidecar and an oldschool movie projector to produce a remarkable invention called the Guerilla Drive-In. Young has been working hard on a series of ingenious and outlandish projects and this really stands out as something I would like to get my hands on.

"Movies are shown in glorious 16MM film, projected by a clattery old Eiki classroom projector, transported in my 1977 BMW sidecar rig (that’s purely for panache.) Ideally, the movies are shown in appropriate locations — Repo Man in a junkyard, Caddyshack at… well, you get the idea. In order to get notifications with the title and location, you’ll need to be on the members’ list. In order to get on the members’ list, you’ll need an access code. In order to get the access code, you’ll need to find the MacGuffin."

Young is known for going that extra bit further and adding a twist to his work that captures the eye, so I am looking forward to seeing what the next project is.