Not metal, not auburn, not World of Warcraft. It’s Gary Warnett from the other side of the channel. Sneaker cult followers should already be familiar with him or at least have read some of the bad ass Crooked Tongues paragraphs he types on his worn out Macbook keys. Not bad as in Gildan t-shirts after 1 wash either, but Victor Maitland-type bad ass. The way he analyses and breaks down footwear never fails to entertain me, partly attributable to his vast knowledge of music and overall cult shit, which he always manages to squeeze into a review or newspiece. I mean, as a healthy heterosexual male you just got to get your Mutley-chuckle on and give that nod of recognition when you see “Sneaker” and “Private” mentioned in the same sentence. Adult entertainment, stand up! Long entry short, be sure to frequently visit his blog right here on SXH. And be sure not to miss the New Balance Quotes-post, classic. Word to Jennifer Love.