Since its inception in 2010, GYAKUSOU is a name that has unarguably lived up to the hype, season after season. The love-child of Nike and UNDERCOVER designer Jun Takahashi, GYAKUSOU is a high-tech and functional line at it’s core, designed by runners, for runners. But the impeccably considered aesthetic has also set it apart as something else: the next-level nexus of sportswear and fashion that the world was seemingly looking for. Writer and editor David Hellqvist considers this hybrid appeal, and the uniquely-placed identity of GYAKUSOU in a new piece for Inventory Magazine. Check out an extract below

In a time where fashion – and menswear specifically – is all about fusing and merging styles and brands, it’s easy to tire of collaborations and sartorial remixes. Too often quality is diluted as marketing strategies replace a genuine desire to further design ideas by enlisting outside help with a completing skill set. Nowhere else is that as visible as within the increasingly grey area between sportswear and high-end fashion; luxury houses team up with sportswear brands to gain access to iconic styles and a younger, more street-savvy audience. The results are, not surprisingly, mixed. But thanks to the car crashes, the honest ones stand out even more. The ones where you can see and feel a genuine respect between the two labels, where a whole new brand is born – not just a short-lived collaboration gaining blog hits and release day queues.

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