A proper bag can go along way when it comes to proper style. Brothers Tim and Dan have amassed a beautiful collection of pieces with their Hærfest label with an design approach which places an emphasis on refined classics with minimalist aesthetics and utilitarian functionality. The line is represented by four styles. The A1 represents your classic back pack with makeups done in luxury leather as well as a coated canvas. A2 is a play on the current trend of americana heritage with an buckled enclosed rucksack. The A3 presents a more feminine approach yet its ability to completely flatten really is a feature that can play well for a everyday carry tote. Lastly there is the A4; the overnight duffle, a piece that I am quite fond of as an addition to my traveling set. All together the inaugural collection from Hærfest is as cohesive as you will see, and really speaks volumes to the Joo brothers as true craftsmen.