I’ve been wearing a lot of hairpieces lately, I just want to declare that these are hairpieces, not small hats. I’m strongly recommend these few to you girlies who likes hair gears, who have to go to 3-4 openings in one night and can’t be bother changing outfits, all you need is one of these.

This one looked like I played with my left over roast dinner (such as Turducken) then put it on my head… could easy attract some rare bird to lay an egg on it. I wore it to this Russian strip/disco/novilty club in Beijing called Chocolate.

This one from my girlfriend Ceilen, for my 3-weeks-away-from-Shanghai- welcome-back-present. I can tell she missed me a lot.

This bright origami pink piece I wore for H&M Beijing opening, I wish there is something to the party that I can post about, but there really wasn’t anything special other than this hair-piece, and lucky H&M hasn’t started making it yet.