It never ceases to amaze me the mount of time that people give to Hate on the Blogs, when it comes to comments.

I blog over at ATCN & other places but there in particular there seems to be a lot of Hate for a lot of people on there. They waste their precious time makeing silly & sometimes very amusing rants that lack any substance.

There was a minute when here at Slam that we took a large amount of Hate & had to chnage things to make that slow to a trickle.

Every one has the right to sat what they want, Freedom of Speech reigns Supreme & should never change, but there are times when it gets to me…these are Rare, but at those times it does make me a little Angry & I would like to play out the end seen of Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back…but that is just pointless.

But the funny thing is the people who make multiple posts under different names…there are ways to find this out & I do check sometimes, & it makes me smile that some one feels the need to have a conversation with themselves…On Line Split Personalities….

One Post that I did got so much Hate, but 11 of the Posts came from the same place, under many names & hating & then loving…that is way too funny.

But it seems to be the order of the day, but as I told Others…If you put yourself out there, you have to be prepared to take the heat & the hate, because that happens…it just does.

Well I will continiue to do what I do & get paid for what I do…

Be Well….rant over.