You’ve already got SlamXHype’s Guide for Gifts under $200, but if you’re trying to show the world how baller you are, rack up some frequent flier miles, or make your friends and family love you more, here’s a list of 10 gifts, all over — wildly over, in fact — $200.

Be careful what you gift for though, with watches, sneakers, luggage, and gadgets like this, you’ll be setting a ridiculously high bar for any future gift-giving.

Triwa Turtle Nevil


For the watch connoisseur, Triwa has a whole selection of clean, colorful timepieces. The standout among their collection? The Turtle Nevil in deep amber.

Go to Triwa’s webstore. It’s $285.

Maison Martin Margiela High Top Sneaker Bronze


This bronze-d out take on Maison Martin Margiela‘s signature high tops are the perfect gift for your classy, sneaker-loving friend. Pair with equally expensive blazer and shirt and he’ll be dominating life.

Bronze your friends’ feet for $950 off CNCPTS webstore.

Myklita Black Oversized Shield Daisuke MD1 Sunglasses


It’s unclear why Myklita‘s Daisuke MD1 sunglasses are so expensive, but if you’ve got a friend who likes to accessorize like a welder, these are perfect.

$595 will get you them off SSENSE webstore.

Porsche Design SmartPhone for BlackBerry


If you thought BlackBerry was dead, think again — actually don’t, they’re dead — but they have at least one product that isn’t iPhone’s b*tch.

They’re only $1,989 on Amazon.

Givenchy Double-Sleeved Leather-Strope Cotton Bomber Jacket


If you’ve got a friend who’s not afraid to experiment with double-sleeved leather jackets and/or wearing something that costs almost three grand, go with this piece from Givenchy.

Get it for $2,790 of Mr. Porter’s webstore.

Del Toro Red Leather Ostrich Alto Chukka Sneaker


For your ostrich loving pal — but not your animal rights loving friend, Del Toro has the bright red Chukka’s for him or her.

They’re a cool $1000 off the Miami shoemaker’s webstore.

Alexander Wang X Beats By Dre Headphones

alexander wang

Know someone who’s into gold accessorizing, Alexander Wang X Beats By Dre‘s collaboration Studio headphones will bring his styling to a whole new, music-playing level.

Get them off Beat’s By Dre’s webstore for $449.95.

Givenchy Mint & Orange Printed Camo Backpack


There’s no much going on with this Givenchy backpack that it’s hard to know where to start, but if you have a friend who’s into the all-black-everything outfit trend, drop him the subtle hint to liven things up with this piece.

SSENSE’s webstore has it for $1125

Sumi Ink Club Custom x Saint Laurent Motorcycle Jacket


Anything from Saint Laurent makes a phenomenal over-$200 gift, but if you’ve going to go all out, Sumi Ink Club won the customized jacket game earlier this 2013 with this motorcycle jacket.

Bring $4,529 to Saint Laurent’s webstore and it’s yours.

XBox One or PS4


The holy grail of entertainment, it goes without saying that Xbox One and/or PS4 is the perfect thing to put under the tree this year. But have fun tracking down either system, that is a nightmare.


Are You Kind of Rich? Here Are 10 Gifts, All Over $200