Russia, should you be afraid of it…?

Perhaps & Perhaps not…?

Well as there is talk of President Medvedev being a ‘Yes’ man or a puppet to the President, now Prime Minister Putin. He also seems to be following Putin’s anti American line…& wants to rejoin ties with Cuba & perhaps set up a base there.

Could this all change with all that has happened in the Political Arena of the US. Can President Obama relax Mr Putin with his words of Change…or is it too late & Putin has taken what he sees as an advantage.

I my own little vision I find it quite Ironic that here we are with a New US President that has inspired a Nation, & we have a Russian Leader wishing to expand their ‘Collective’ by making alliances with Anti American Nations in South America…Cuba & Venezuela…& announcing that they would take measures to counter any US Build up in Missile Defense (Thanks G-Dubya). Can I just say Kennedy – Khrushchev…Cuban Missile Crisis.

Sometimes I wonder if we ever learn, or is it that our leaders are so in their moment that the map that got them to where they are in time is all but forgotten. Or is it even worse that they look back & act out of fear of repetition.

I hope that they end up calming the situation down & find a common ground.

Putin hates Bush & no doubt Bush see’s him as Ruskie Commie Red, because he just does not know any better.

I have faith that the New Foreign Policy that President Obama will lay out, will pacify some of the current situations that exist & may be bubbling under the surface.

But no doubt Putin will pursue his own ambitions, but he may be swayed to be a little less aggressive in his tactics.

Time will tell.

Be Well.