heritage research fall 09 3

One of the new labels that has impressed me most this year is Heritage Research.  Ive lost count of the number of times that I have seen images of a brand’s products online, though they looked great and been bitterly disappointed when I’ve seen the product in real life… Heritage Research is the opposite, they look fairly normal online, but in real life the high quality production of designs that are heritage inspired yet with a modern wearable twist, that wont leave you looking like a wannabe lumberjack, are really quite special.  The latest drop from the label includes a pair of low yoke, tapered, corduroy Aviator Pants, a scooped hem and shawl collared, linen Naval Artillery Jacket and an amazing pair of denims, created in collaboration with Japanese denim aficionados Kuro, which are the perfect fit, not too baggy and not too slim.

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Available now from Oi Polloi