My friend Mark Johnson recently send me this link:

My mother is not quite fob, but she has some great Asian mother qualities, below is one of her classics:

My mother was visiting in Shanghai for a conference only for 2 days, and her schedule was packed. Being a good daughter I went to meet her at the conference. Below are our text messages:

Mum:  Just tell the person at the door you are looking for me, I’m sitting next to the guy who’s talking right now.

Me: I’m in, sitting your right hand corner seat.

Mum: Not too long now, I’ll skip the corporate lunch, we can go somewhere tasty.

Me: The guy can really talk ma, and he has a wig on.

Mum: Did you collect my shoes from the shop?

Me: Yes ma, two pairs right?

Mum: I dare you throw the grey one onto his head.