John VDN + Vitor Santa Maria have started a kickstarter campaign for the HiddenRadio2 Bluetooth Multispeaker, and it looks cool.

Marketed as “the world’s simplest, most advanced wireless MultiSpeaker for iPhone + iPad ever in compact form”, the Hidden2 speakers could have a huge impact on the way we listen to music at home. Almost more important than the functionality is the visually simplistic and ultimately stylish look of the portable speakers. Merely a small cylinder, available silver or black, you could find an appropriate place to put one of these in just about every room of your house, easily alternating via bluetooth from your iPhone, iPad, or mobile music device. I can’t think of any room that wouldn’t be better with the option of music. Especially the bathroom. I like Taylor Swift on loud when I take a shit.


HiddenRadio2 Bluetooth Multispeaker Kickstarter Campaign