This collection was designed around notions such as research, exploration, and experimentation. ETUDES was worked on as a step in a creative process, a work in progress.

On one hand, the collection is made up of the name brand’s characteristic items: a wide variety of chinos, a selection of shirts with unusual fabrics (liberty, chambray or checkers) as well as several yoked jersey items. There are also a number of new items such as an oilcloth raincoat, an oversized vest, a wool cardigan, raw denim, or a work jacket with a new twist.

In addition, ETUDES is punctuated by two collaborations with classic French brands: Armor Lux and Paraboot. Using their flagship products, HIXSEPT designed a “capsule” collection using it’s own image and in the spirit of the collection.

To lose oneself, to forget, to come back, to pause, to propose… ETUDES is meant to be the preliminary research before the final work.