super bowl 2014

The Super Bowl is upon us and that means two things. First, that the last set of NFL teams left standing will battle it out for football glory while millions of Americans scarf down chicken wings dunked in Velveeta (or not, if the rumors of a cheese-esque substance shortage are true).

Second, the 2013/2014 season will be coming to a sad, boredom-on-Sunday-inducing close.

But until that happens, everyone’s getting in on the SB XLVIII fever, even celebrities. Here’s 8 of them who stole their look from NFL mascots.

1. Miles of The Denver Broncos / Nicholas Cage

super bowl 2014

Nick Cage’s hair even looks like he stole it from a horse.

2. Blitz Of The Seattle Seahawks / Donald Trump

super bowl 2014

So that’s where the Trumpster’s mean mug came from.

3. Freddie Falcon Of The Atlanta Falcons / Miley Cyrus

super bowl 2014

And here you thought Miley was ripping off Justin Beiber’s look.

4. Pat Patriot Of The New England Patriots / Jay Leno

super bowl 2014

They both have mountains for chins.

5. Poe Of The Baltimore Ravens / Katy Perry

super bowl 2014

Scaring children on the daily.

6. Billy Buffalo Of The Buffalo Bills / Brad Pitt

super bowl 2014

The Billy Buffalo Gruff is never a good look, that is unless you’re an actor worth $270 million. Then, you can basically do what you want.

7. Roary Of The Detroit Lions / Emma Watson 


Someone get them a bottle of Garnier Fructis (or whatever shampoo controls frizz).

Also, is the Detroit Lions’ mascot really named Roary?

8. Rowdy Of The Dallas Cowboys / Will Ferrell 


These guys are the same dude, right?


In Honor Of The Super Bowl: 8 Celebrities Who Stole Their Looks From NFL Mascots