Over recent years many influential fashion and streetwear labels have opened official stores in Hong Kong, And as of yesterday0 Japanese streetwear labels Neighborhood and W)Taps have opened the first 2 storeys of the soon to be officially opened Hong Kong Flagship for the for the “Previously Opening Exhibition”. Located  next to the BBC store on “On Lan Street” alongside other big names such as Comme des garcons and Martin Margiela, again confirming the ever growing influence and strength of Street Fashion in Hong Kong.

On the opening day of the exhibition, The “Bomber” tee exclusive to the HOODS HK was released and was sold out within the first 2 hours. I was told by staff however that they may release a couple more for sale throughout the exhibition, the tees retail for $499HK and comes Black or White, featuring the bomber cross logo on the front.

Also on exhibit is around 40 pieces of one-off tees custom made by W)taps and Neighborhood that feature various graphic and patch work, also selling out within hours of opening, the tee’s stay in store however for you to view throughout the exhibition.

As you enter the store, you’ll find on the first floor on the right hand side 3 neon light pieces with the arrows pointing to the left saying “DEATH FROM ABOVE” and on the left a big wooden wall with an introduction to the brands NBHD and  W)taps. On the 2nd floor is a big wall featuring a montage of skate-thing and slogan logos and a neon display saying “bomber” , incense was burning throughout the exibition. The atmosphere was rather relaxed as seemingly it was everyones first day at work. Text and Images by James Wong.

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