Its been snowing in the UK today which has given me the perfect opportunity to get my Yuketen hunting boots out for the slippy stomp to work.  To my mind they are the prefct boots for such weather, so I was interested to read this article from the much feted Horween Leather Factory on the process they use to produce the high quality waterproof leather they are built from.

Taking inspiration from the Marines who would heavily wax up their Chromexcel leather military boots, giving them a darker an  more water resistant finish Horween have created a material called the  the Huntsman (although also known as Waxed Flesh or French Waxed Calf).  A  high performance suede, but it’s not really like suede as we know it – the outside is a rough dark waterproof finish whilst the inside of the leather is the soft suede we all recognise, allowing manufacturers to make high quality and lightweight unlined boots.


Check out the Horween blog for more fascinating insights into their leather manufacturing process.