Hunting and Collecting are celebrating their 3rd anniversary this Thursday and for the 7th season in a row they have designed a store make-over with a new theme – Paradise. Check out the photos by Tine Claerhout in the gallery above and be sure to visit the newly-decked-out store if you’re close by. Aude and Niels of H&C have also put into words the thematic experience:

PARADISE // ( 3 years Hunting and Collecting)

Paradise is the freedom of making things happen your way.
Paradise is the place where dreams actually come true.
Paradise has the luxury of not taking itself so seriously in front of others.
Paradise lies in the sweet-spot between the natural and the artificial.
Paradise is the exact place where Hunting and Collecting is born 3 years ago,
and this is the place where it still is ; a Paradise for you and a Paradise for us.
We have been working hard for 3 years providing a dynamic area where creative
endeavor finds it’s audience: the people who want to be involved by sharing ideas
and by wearing products they believe in, in their own style and budget.
Products that become better just because they are loved and wanted and which have an important function in people’s daily lives.
Hunting and Collecting is a company – yes – but a company with a core business in setting free those products,
in setting free those birds of Paradise.
For you, for us, for as long as we can
and as many as we can.