Last Saturday i went to The Constant Gallery to check out Bill McMullen’s art show called “Hype, Hustle, Rip-Off’ and boy was i in for a treat. Bill McMullen is actually a friend and Span of Sunset, Inc. did a Vinyl toy with him a couple of years ago called AD-AT which was probably one of the very first Vinyl toys that was produced and manufactured by USA based company in the sea of vinyl toys from Hong-Kong at the time. AD-AT proved to be a very successful piece and to this day collectors are seeking for it. Good times! Anyway, i kinda knew what to expect from the show as I’ve seen previews from the show, but what i saw was pretty darn amazing! His “brand wars” camo suits and camo paintings were a huge surprise, the R2D2 ghettoblaster, Wooden audio systems, paintings…just wow.  A lot of good people including some familiars from Slamxhype family were in attendance. Snapped a bunch of photos check them out bellow. Also there is a Flickr page full of good photos from the opening night.