Shortly after printing the first edition of ‘I Don’t Want To Blow You Up!’, MPM received a cease and desist demand from lawyers representing one of the book’s colorful subjects, who claimed that by identifying their well-known client as a role model, the book violates this individual’s right of publicity and other rights relating to trademarks. All of the individuals in this book were included for their accomplishments and exemplary lives, in an effort to break down harmful stereotypes that have grown out of the fear of terrorism. Importantly, it is a First Amendment right to discuss and creatively portray, as MPM have done in this book, public figures in the context of social and political issues. Thus, they have decided to release the book, as originally intended, albeit two months later with a legal disclaimer and a new rubber stamp of a sun emerging from the clouds.

There are 1,000 copies available at $9 each. and created for children & adults alike.