I Love Ugly look to create a new menswear but in doing so never fail to look to menswear’s history to find inspiration.

The Bucket Hat hails from Irish origin, traditionally being worn by fisherman and farmers to protect them on those common rainy days. In the early 1900s it was adopted by the English upper-class, turning this once common piece of headwear into a desirable hat of luxury that only the aristocratic had access to; in fact the bucket hat was then re-designed to be more malleable so that it could be folded to fit into the inner pocket of the blazer jackets of said higher class folk.

The I Love Ugly Bucket Hat collection features both nautical and elegant fabrics inspired by this tradition, and all under-peaks are lined with genuine pig skin suede.

“Aspire to inspire before you expire.”

Take a look at the collection above as wornby Brooklyn based hip-hop artist Oddisee. Each piece is Made in New Zealand and available now online at www.iloveugly.net