Those in the habit of searching IMDB for the keywords "Nude Woman" and "Critically Bashed" will be over the moon to hear that legendarily controversial exploitation revenge-fantasy I Spit on Your Grave has had a remake greenlit. Similar to the recently-announced Plan 9, the film’s remakers, CineTel, are known for direct-to-video schlock but are taking aim at cinema screens with their update. In his contemporary review, Roger Ebert called the film "sick, reprehensible and contemptible … an expression of the most diseased and perverted darker human natures". He speculated that the audience he witnessed was composed of "vicarious sex criminals".

I Spit on Your Grave gained notoriety due to its wafer-thin plot, a vehicle for scenes of sexual torture and humiliation, paid off by gruesome scenes of revenge, including the hanging of a mentally retarded rapist. Producer Paul Hertzberg anticipates that due to films like Saw and Hostel, such fare is no longer controversial, and the film aims to "compete" with such films while avoiding an NC-17 rating.