A colder climate calls for a warmer and this to me and my Dad is probably a single malt aged no less than 16 years .. a Bowmore 18 year old is the perfect antidote to a frozen mind and body … this is the sophisticated and extremely enjoyable way of warming the cockles with an after effect to the novice, that occasionally invokes what an ole college buddy Jamie would call the ‘Faliraki shuffle’ a laymans term granted but he knew what he meant, and this has rang true with me for over a decade now … this basically incurs the whisky hitting the point about 3 inches from your jawline inside your throat and a uncontrollable spasm occuring that involves a sort of shudder from the toes to the temples … wonderful and fearsome all at the same time … aftertaste however is like someone lit the best campfire ever and it just keeps crackling inside the stomach … i urge you to try it, one of my heroes, Rick Danko sings in the track by The Band .. ‘Stage Fright’ – “now i got fire water right on my breath” and folks, yes this may be the down fall of many a man but in small appropriate doses this is nectar, this is heaven … www.whiskyshop.com


18 year old




Creamy caramel toffee, with ripe fruit and smoke aromas. Incredibly complex, with beautiful soft fruit and chocolate balanced with a light smokiness. A superb long and lingering finish.The Bowmore has now been rebranded and replaces the Seventeen year old.

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and now to the wing man … now i have taken care of inner warmth i need to focus on the extremities where the heat leaves me … I have a wonderful cashmere hat and leather gloves so whats left … thats right … MA FEETS PEOPLE, MA FEETS !! And so i would like to take this opportunity to thank Kara, Heidi and ma main man Bob for kitting me out with some Redwing Chukka Mocassins … These will be my winter and early spring choice for President of my feet … vote cast … check em out … ‘Built to fit built to last’

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