The bi-coastal collaboration between Incase, HUF and DQM with Incase has gone from concept to creation. Available today are the HUF and DQM Skate Messenger Bags, customized in two variations that feature defining visuals of each of the retailers’ respective cities. Designed with bike and skate enthusiasts in mind, the bags pair the best aspects of conventional bike messenger bags and the ability to secure a skateboard with Incase’s refined industrial design aesthetic and device-driven functional features.

Born out of longstanding friendships that span across time and space, the Incase for HUF and DQM project began when Damon Way from Incase, Keith Hufnagel and Dave Ortiz decided to partner together with the vision of creating a product that authentically represented their collective interests, backgrounds and geographies.

“When we first explored the concept as a group, we knew that the end result had to be something that was authentic and true to all of us—as individuals and within our respective brands,” stated Way. “What began as conversation eventually evolved into a truly innovative messenger bag that is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the bike and skate communities.”

The HUF and DQM Skate Messenger Bags are designed for full functionality and performance. From the heavy denier Cordura Nylon construction, waterproof lining and padded inset notebook compartment to the custom skateboard attachment with injection-molded skate bumpers and integrated, removable hip pack, the bags are travel-ready protective solutions for essential gear.

Both retailers worked closely with the Incase design team in conceptualizing and making suggestions for the bag’s design and construction.

“The original idea was to make a bag for skate/bike trips that could be used to hold a board and some clothes while biking to a skate spot,” said Ortiz. “As we started brainstorming and putting ideas to paper, it really evolved and went further than our original concept,” added HUF.

Although the HUF and DQM Skate Messenger Bags maintain the same construction and functional features, an important aspect of the project was to outwardly represent the cities of each retailer by customizing the bags’ front panels.

“We wanted to capture the attitudes of our cities in the individual patches that were created for the bag exterior. We didn’t want to take ourselves too seriously either, so we just had fun with it,” said HUF.

San Francisco is represented on the front panel of the HUF Skate Messenger Bag through custom patches with DBC references and HUF’s signature H. DQM pays homage to New York City with a graffiti-laden waterproof interior panel and an exterior panel featuring a sewer rat and a version of the Statue of Liberty. Both bags feature the Incase for HUF and DQM logo wheel patch.

“The patches are what tie both bags together, but also make each version distinct,” added Ortiz.

The HUF and DQM Skate Messenger Bags have been produced in limited quantities and are available for purchase through the Incase webstore, HUF retail locations, DQM and better boutiques.