Superfuture has grown into a website serving numerous purposes, famous for its Forum amongst Streetwear and Fashion fans, but of course playing host to so much more, the city guides, reviews and more? What was the sites initial concept and philosophy?

The site was born out of a basic need to navigate friends and colleagues around tokyo shopping zones [where we started this back in ’99]. Wayne, the site designer/producer is an industrial/graphic designer so putting together a well designed set of online maps was right up his alley. We then started writing reviews of all our favorite shops. From there the site grew in popularity which sparked more maps, more content and we suddenly realized a monster had been created. What was meant to be a basic navigation tool basically exploded into an organism of its own.

And how did it progress into what we see today?

The more useful information superfuture provided, the more our viewers wanted. our overall aim was [and still is] to provide a well informed  destination for investigative and discerning fashion and design related professionals [and everyone in between] to get around the planet…minus all the fluff and taffeta. Supertalk was added as a way for everyone on the site to communicate on what was already being  discussed – rather than asking us directly via email. Supertalk has been a great addition to the site as a community forum for info exchange. Pretty entertaining stuff too.

What is the process behind putting together a city guide?

We find reliable editors with similar interests in each super city. Then we put together basic map templates [the same way we always have] and have our team add the relevant information.  Once that has been executed we then rely on submissions directly from our adoring audience or anyone who has an interest in the types of establishments we love to cover. So what you are getting essentially is information straight from the horses mouth.

Superfuture also offers other services such as its concierge services, can you explain this to us?

There are alot of companies/individuals on very tight schedules constantly travelling to cities such as tokyo, paris, shanghai and new york.  They really just need someone to take them to the heart of  things minus all the fuss. superfuture provides personalized concierge tour guides to these types of clients to get through each destination in minimal time with precision coverage. we create tours in relation to the clients main focus of interest – whether it be retail, architecture, design, art etc…

Do you think the Supertalk forum members demographic represents fairly the regular user of Superfuture?

Supertalk represents our ever expanding niche of brand obsessed, early adopters who look to us for information on what’s new, in fashion,  design, art, music, denim…you name it. also what’s happening on a global and national scale, what’s under construction and of course – who’s throwing the next launch event or sale! Supertalkers represent a large part of our readership, although we also attract a good portion of design related professional looking for filtered content on one of the many capitals we cover. Its a mixed bag…and we like it that way.

As far as providing a service, Superfuture, to me, is one of the most useful websites around today, what do yo think of other web formats within fashion, street culture etc, do you have an opinion on blogs,  street snap sites etc?

There are alot of really great and informative sites out there. as a matter of fact we are always looking at a variety of other blogs and editorial oriented sites for inspiration.  They do it really well and  so we leave that up to them. Our focus, content wise, is geared toward providing strategic navigation via our maps and fail safe monthly city guides. the selection of great sites out there really works for us in  terms of being a part of an overall generation of travelling urban retail junkies.

What next for Superfuture, can we expect any further development over the coming months?

Yep. The supercooker is bubbling over. you can expect to see some interesting renovations on our forums, advances in supertechnology, new supercities, awesome content additions and of course expansions to superfuture‘s ever evolving caché of global navigation.

Superfuture offer a number of online services and you can join their forum, Supertalk, to have your say, you can also buy their excellent Superguides here.