Instagram, the world’s biggest photo sharing app, has launched the above video to introduce a new feature called “Instagram Direct.”

This new feature allows users to send photos or videos privately to up to 15 users at once. You can also send text, but only in the form of a comment to the sent photo/video. This news comes out interestingly close after the popular disappearing photo app, SnapChat, turned down offers from Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, to be bought for billions of dollars. The only difference between the two apps now is that Instagram Direct lets you to store photos received until you choose to delete them. This is a smart exclusion, cause let’s face it, disappearing photos was a cool concept for a day until we remembered the screen-shot function on our phones. Yes, random ex-girlfriend, I still have that picture of your boobs.

What’s not clear at this point though are the limitations when it comes to the exchange of more racy or ‘private’ photos. Let’s say I upload a sweet pic of my genitals to the public Instagram feed, I’ll probably have my account suspended, right? But what if I send that same sweet pic of my junk via Instagram Direct? What is the etiquette? Can sweet pics of my junk be enjoyed privately or is this strictly forbidden by the app? I kind of need to know this.

UPDATE: BetaBeat came through with the answer;

Yes, you can use Instagram Direct for sexting (as long as your friends aren’t Narcs)

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to delete all the snitches from my friend list right now.

OK, done. Instagram Direct is officially legit.


Instagram Direct Makes Instagram A Little More Personal