Interview Magazine, one of the most revolutionary magazine in the world, continues to break new ground with the launch of its April issue on Apple’s most revolutionary device, the iPad. The issue features more than 330 screens of dynamic images and interviews with the most exciting people from the words of fashion, film, music, art, and culture, along with nearly 20 minutes of exclusive video and audio content – all designed and developed to provide an immersive, interactive, and inspiring multimedia experience.

Interview Magazine will be the only high-end fashion magazine available in a digital version exclusively designed for the iPad on the day of the iPad launch with Carey Mulligan gracing the cover. The Interview Magazine application will be available for download within the iTunes iPad section for a special edition price of 99 cents.

This achievement displays why Interview Magazine remains the most cutting edge and dynamic magazine on the market – able to change with the needs and demands of pop culture and the ever-changing landscape of multimedia.