Being a manager for a cool shop is very hard job.
So, today I talked with Randy of Stussy LA, and he told me how hard they
get at their job.
Daichi) What's up, Homie?!
I have some questions for you.
Randy)... I've never have an interview...
Daichi) What do you do for your job?
Randy) I get shit Done!
Daichi) Ok... What time do you get to work each day?
Randy) 11:15AM "wink wink"
Daichi) What is "wink wink"?
Randy) It is →"". 
Daichi) Who are the coolest people who are working with, everyday?
Randy) Daichi1, Daichi2, Daichi3, and Geoff and John and JP 4!! In order.
Daichi) Wow! There are 3 Daichis! Thanks!!
Anyway, how do you make a schedule for the peoples who work at the store? 
Do you have a special technique?
Randy) John takes care of that. My technique is what day is off.

Daichi) That's right :)
What do you do if the people can't work on the same day?
Randy) I never happens.
Daichi) How many types bag times do you have? Please describe them?
Randy) I don't your question... But, I say 9.
Daichi) Sorry! What is your most favorite part of the job?
Randy) Get to know new people, and get hooked up with clothing & working with Mr. Ito.
Daichi) hahahaha. Thanks!!
Do many people tell you that your job is cool?
Randy) Yes.
Randy) Yes.
Daichi) What is your favorite customer ever?
Randy) Is there such thing lol
Daichi) Do you let the customers use the bathroom? 

Randy) Hell No! Only Stussy family can shit on the Toilet.
Daichi) What do you do for your day off?
Randy) I tell myself I'm gonna say go SK8, 
But I'm end up playing video games, whole day.
Daichi)Yeah, we should go someday!

nnnn... Do you like your boss, Eddie?

Randy) I LOVE Eddie, he pays on my bills, and some lol
Daichi)Yeah! We love Eddie!
Well, everyone know that you modeling for Stussy :) 
Do you like it?
Randy) It's Fun! There is always free food to eat, & pay all right :)

Daichi) Do you often go to parties?
Randy) I usually hung out with friends and do stupid things. 
And sometimes we go to parties.

Daichi) I know there are lots of Japanese customers here.

I like Japanese chicks a lot, how do you think about that?
Randy) I don't know. I like all women. All shapes and sizes, big girls need love to.
Daichi)That's a nice answer!
What do I need to do be like you?
Randy) I should ask you that, Daichi. Teach me your pimpin ways!!
Daichi) Hahahahah. I'm not!!! :)
Let's take a picture!! Could you take us a picture,Geoff?
Geoff) All right.
Daichi) Thanks, Randy!
Randy) Thank you!!
Limited Edition

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