Ahead of their imminent collaborative collection with Soulland (set to release next week), London’s Goodhood store jetted over to Copenhagen where they caught up with Soulland’s founder and designer, Silas Adler. The forthcoming collection is the latest in a string of unique collaborations by the Danish brand and is further proof of the its seemingly unstoppable creative expansion. During the course of the conversation, we find Silas discussing skateboarding, menswear, postage stamps and London style. Find the complete interview here.

We first met about 5 years ago when you and Kristian (ex-Sales Manager) did a road trip selling your collection out the back of a van. Can you tell us what it was like during that period and the difficulties in establishing your brand?

It was difficult but also very exciting. We just packed the car with the collection and traveled around. It was great! We got so many “no thank you’s” on those trips. Like going from Manchester to Munich in one go to get a “no thanks” was quite harsh but it made sense to get the overview and and network that way.

I think I realised you were a pretty good Skateboarder when I saw Kristian post a picture of you to skating on that trip, I think you were olly-ing a crate. Can you tell us how that experience has influenced you now, if at all?

I was not that good but I spent a third of my life not doing or thinking about anything else. I think the way skateboarding works has made the difference for me in terms of believing myself. I was one of those kids that had a hard time in school and a hard time fitting in. But skateboarding showed me that it´s me against me in life and I can do more or less what ever I put my mind to. I was never a fast learner on a skateboard so I also learned to respect the fact that things take time. skateboarding change a lot since I was in the scene but I still follow it online and spend at least 20 minutes a day on skate sites.

Soulland as a brand has design cues that are very high end in their feeling, what do you find inspiring? Is there any person in particular you look to as a design hero as such?
I change my inspiration view quite often. I think it´s important to always look for new ways. I wanna push this menswear thing into new heights and test how things can be done better. Not really a hero, but I’m continually inspired by the mystics freemasons symbol. It’s just so visually strong and always interesting to me.

When we visit Copenhagen we’re always taken by the support not only from the local community the clothiers seem to get but from the industry and the Fashion Council. Can you tell us what that means to a brand like Soulland?

Oh a lot of course! Without the support we would be in a different place. We are very happy to be supported by the Danish industry but are also very aware that the main thing for Soulland is growing outside of Denmark. The Danish market is very small for a brand like ours.

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