Recently, Undercover’s Jun Takahashi caught up with A Blog Curated By to give this short interview that follows. Having come off the back of a successful showcase at Pitti Uomo it makes for interesting reading, while the angle of teh interview is very unique.

UNDERCOVER often collaborates with other artists, how did A Magazine fit into this idea for you?
“Of course A Magazine project was one of the big collaborations I have ever done. It is my precious memory. Curating a whole magazine was such a big task. And Communications with Natalie, Paul, other stuff and the artists who participated in the A-mag project became my great life experience.”

If you made A Magazine today in 2009, would you do it differently?
“Yes, I think I will make it in different ways. I will be able to present you a completely different world of view.”

We saw your amazing studio wall in A Magazine, can you tell us more about it? How does it look today?!
“I think the impression of my studio at the time might have been pretty chaotic and dark, but you will probably find it now pretty clean.”

We love to follow your own personal Honeyee blog, have you seen ours www.ABLOGcuratedby.com? would you be interested to work with us on our blog, keeping us in touch with Undercover?
“Of course, we can do something together.”

Much thanks to Jun for his contribution to A BLOG, we hope more will follow!