Dazed Digital got to the bottom of the most talked about show of the season. Nicola Formichetti’s debut as Creative Director at Mugler was stunning alongside Romain Kremer this is a formidable team which will no doubt reinvent Mugler as a world leader. Here’s what the super stylist had to say..

Dazed Digital: Talk me through the inspiration for the show…
Nicola Formichetti: I went through the archives and took all the things I liked and did a styling session with stuff from 1992, 1987 etc…

DD: So what did you pick from these years?
Nicola Formichetti:
I saw them in a very abstract way, and made it into rubbers and pearls…

DD: There was a clear dark and moody angle to the clothes though…
Nicola Formichetti:
A little bit yes, because it was to do with death, re-birth, anatomy and the evolution of clothes.

DD: You mention rubber, there was quite a lot of synthetic materials in there…
Nicola Formichetti:
Ah yeah totally, it is so Mugler to use non-conventional fabrics. He was using it back then and it still feels very fresh for me. There’s always a twist towards streetwear and the undergorund scene.

DD: What about the jackets, many of them had no lapels!
Nicola Formichetti:
Yeah that was a classic Mugler suit that we stripped down and made even more simple and fitted. I’m not trying to reinvent anything, just simplifying it.

DD: What were those veils made out of?
Nicola Formichetti:
It was a super fine silk mixed with synthetic from Italy. I actually saw it yesterday or two days ago, and we were like ‘Oh my god, let’s just use it’… it’s just a beautiful fabric!

DD: Do you have a favourite piece?
Nicola Formichetti:
I liked them all, but for me it was more about the people, like Riko with the tattoos. He gave himself the s

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