Here is an interesting read with this interview with Band of Outsiders very own Scott Sternberg. Featured on Letter to Jane, topics of discussion surround film, photography, the growth of the label, the current collection amongst other interesting topics.

TIM MOORE — I once wrote a piece about Band of Outsiders where I said your love for film and it’s application to fashion is akin to how the directors of the French New Wave likened film to great literature. Was I in the ballpark or way off?
SCOTT STERNBERG — Sure, that sounds about right.  Those guys were looking for something deeper and more human in film than the studio crap that was out there at the time; I’m looking for something more honest and human in fashion and the imagery that surrounds it.

TIM MOORE — One thing that annoyed me working with anyone in the film industry is the level at which everything is so closed, and there so many pointless steps to get anything accomplished as opposed to what I’ve noticed about fashion which seems to be such the opposite and much more open and inviting. I have to imagine that must have been an enormous feeling of freedom when Band of Outsiders started take off.
SCOTT STERNBERG — Indeed.  It’s one of the most appealing things about working with clothing.  The cycle is much faster, the turn over more constant, and there’s just more levity to creative process as the stakes are much lower (a shirt costs much less than a feature film to produce).  The flip side of this is the enormous amount of work and responsibility that comes with it – at any given time, I’m working on three seasons at once in some form or another, across men’s and women’s.

TIM MOORE — Now that the label has grown and made a name and image for itself, do you still feel that you have as much freedom to do whatever you want with the brand?

SCOTT STERNBERG — Sure, as long there’s an honesty that persists, I think the more people know and understand the brand, the more freedom I have to play around with it.

TIM MOORE — How big do you want the brand to grow, and into what areas of the market that you haven’t reached yet?
SCOTT STERNBERG — There’s so much I want to do creatively – so much product I’m excited to design and produce, and not all for super skinny slightly rich people.  I hope to keep what we’re doing now as focused as it is, and extend the philosophy and aesthetic of the brand across different types of products and consumers.

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