De La Barracuda has remained as progressive as a street culture institution as any hub on a global scale. Continuing to progress the space into new off shoots of the De La Barracuda name owner Miguel has managed to turn a retail shopping experience into something much more. With the retail environment as unstable as it has been in quite sometime, and with a renewed focused on the De La Barracuda brand, the once retail space has been transformed into one of Miguel’s and partners Mexican actor Jaime Camil and Edoardo Chavarin’s other passions boxing, introducing De La Barracuda Boxing Club. What was once an idea to “have a few bags for the boys” has turned into a fully staff gym, minus the ring, lead by Golden Glove winner and 11 year professional boxer Alex Brenes. We’ll have much more to come with De La Barracuda Boxing Club but if you have the stomach for it or what the stomach for it we encourage you all stop by and sign your life over for a class.