Last weekend, I had a chance to check out Paper Magazine’s 24-hour Department Store in Los Angeles, CA. It was my first time checking out this event, but it is the 4th time that the fashion/lifestyle periodical has put it on. The event operates on a “pop-up” shop philosophy, but in this case, the shelf life is a straight up 24-hour existence. So, if you were out-and-about lurking the streets of Sunset Boulevard at say, 4AM, you could swing by and pick up some new duds at any of the participating fashion labels or shops.

I ended up going in the afternoon on Saturday to see some friends that were in town from Converse, and unfortunately by that time, some of the participants I was hoping to see had tapped out and called it a night, er, day. Understandable, as doing the 24-hour thing is something difficult to accomplish. There was still a whole lot to see and enjoy as Converse was giving out complimentary screen-printed tees, Levi’s was offering some custom denim services, and Mr. Cartoon had some of his choice automobiles on display. In addition to the stuff I just mentioned, RVCA, Supreme, Undefeated, Welcome Hunters, Jeremy Scott and many more were still in the house holding it down for the folks roaming around in search of some new gear.

All in all, it was a cool experience. I had a chance to talk to a couple of the folks from Paper Magazine and they expressed their satisfaction at how things had turned out. There was a strong turnout and people were there at all hours during the event. People were strolling in after the clubs and parties let out, through the early, early AM all the way up until its conclusion 24 hours later at 6PM on Saturday. As mentioned before, the turnout was excellent, but like all good events, I see more potential growth for this project in the years to come.