Italia Independent was created one year ago in January of 2007 by Lapo Elkann an Italian designer and businessman interested in modern design, he is someone living in his time but respesctful of the past. Made in Italy 2.0 by I-I is a collection of 12 unique pieces, envisioned and conceived without following market rules but united by strong product innovation, sophisticated materials and high-level craftsmanship. Design objects, clothes, bags and sunglasses symbolize innovation and research for good taste.

Unique I-I designs are uniting and blending expertise, backgrounds and a mixture of talents. Several handicraft laboratories have been used: technical apparel, antique dressmakers from Naples and a crew of young men that build kitesurfs and snowboards. Everything has been rigorously conceived, designed and realized in Italy. Twelve unique items that combine streestyle and elegance, performance and classicism. Italia Independent objects mark a new approach to creativity and to Italian craftmanship and are a colette exclusive.

Fabric Vase

A vase made in a thermo-taped fabric, it is original and always different. It is the “t-shirt” of the furnishing complements of Italia Independent. It is a simple and a familiar object that

transmits new tactile feelings and communicates stories, through its cuts, its material and its graphics; comparable to the t-shirt of a skater and his board. The thermo-taping is a

technique used to make Technical Mountain wear and water sports suits. The elaboration of the fabric paired with a membrane allows to maintaining the shape of the vase and its pliable structure. It holds water, avoiding leaking. Same way as apparel, the fabric vase will be available in different sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The Large version will come in seven sizes realized by seven different artists.

Carbon Fiber Candlestick – 7 candles

A candlestick for seven candles, braided in carbon fiber yarns and then hand filled. This candleholder conjugates the technological material composition of carbon fiber with the

classicism the object itself. Carbon fiber is used to exploit its “textile” appearance rather than its “technical” feature. Thanks to a special construction process – practiced by a group of young guys who produce kitesurfs and snowboards on the beach of Jesolo – the carbon fiber braid assumes a soft and sensual appearance to the eye.

Ballistic Nylon Shopping Bag

The I-I shopping bag is also unique in its type. The fabrication used to produce this bag is certified with UNI EN ISO 1395, and until today it was used only for the production of leather goods. Resistance and water-repellence are the main features of this shopping bag. It has a soft touch and it is made with a durable material.

Kevlar Multipurpose Bag

A bag made of a special material that combines the resistance of the thread of Kevlar – used in bulletproof jackets – with the fineness of Nylon thread. The result is a bag with a unique ripping resistance. The superficial ceramic treatment adds an additional protective component to the bag. The closure of the bag is made of a waterproof hinge, which is usually used in wetsuits. The handles are connected through the bag with carbon fiber plates screwed into the bag with steel nails and then finished with titanium plates.

Cordura Tailor-Made Jacket

A Tuxedo jacket inspired the creation of this unique outerwear item. It is the only one of its kind that has a classic cut and yet is comfortable enough to wear on an every day basis.

There are two exceptional partners that created this jacket: Sartena Confezioni – a tailor lab based in Treviso whose art of cutting and pattern making was learned from Baratta in Milan – and DuPont – the multinational company that supplies and certifies the Cordura Fabric. This exclusive partnership gave birth to this tailor-made jacket in Cordura combined with a windproof membrane. This creation represents the head point of the diamond of all I-I projects.

Organic Cotton Tailor-Made Jacket

This jacket of shining and colorful tones was realized in organic cotton, which in this case, takes on a full-bodied and a new fit. The pairing of a jersey layer with other fabrics, gives a “woven intelligent” result in which each “level” has its own function. It was very important to dedicate a lot of attention to the details, such as the handmade buttonholes and a closing system underneath the rever, which makes a jacket versatile when motorbiking.


The two new I-I women eyewear designs were inspired by two styles worn in the sixties by Jackie Kennedy and Marella Agnelli: their shapes recall the fashion of those years, with an accentuation in volumes. The two designs are made in cellulose acetate. They are available both opaque in monochrome and in two-colors. The I-I logo has been inserted in these sunglasses in clear techno-polymer, made with number-control machines. Each single piece has been assembled by hand. As a result, each pair of sunglasses is one of a kind.