The UK may not be producing many truly exciting big name fashion houses at present, but it is certainly living up to it’s reputation of being a breeding ground for the next generation of talent.  A group of young designers, such as Carolyn Massey, Aitor Throup and Lou Dalton, have emerged in recent seasons with a range of distinct styles that are rooted in classicism, whilst firmly push the boundaries of what is technically and aesthetically judged to be   acceptable.  Among this group of young British designers is J.W. Anderson, the sickeningly young 25 year old who this season was awarded the prestigious NewGen Men Award by the British Fashion Council.  Contributing Editor have just run a great feature on Anderson, showcasing his designs and interviewing him on his experiences, inspiration and future plans.  Its not a style for everyone (no Tricker’s collaboration that’s for sure), but its great to see a new, more youthful style emerging that’s both dangerous and challenging whilst being beautifully designed and constructed,  and in the tradition of punk rock will almost certainly upset an older generation.  Check it out here.