The work of Jeff Koons is well documented and artist provocateur has become well known in a more traditional sense of the word art as well as on the street scene. "His works, with their seductive surfaces and flawless execution, transform everyday objects and fantasies into high art. This has culminated in Koons working together with the Museum of Contemporary Art to create a carefully selected survey focusing on his most iconic sculptural works. Dating back to Koons’s first American survey in 1988, before he began his often controversial series of works in porcelain the Museum of Contemporary Art are paying homage to the earlier years of Koons who is now a distinctive figure in contemporary art.

The exhibition which begins on May 31 includes new paintings developed by Koons for this unique presentation in addition there will be many works talready part of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s own collection with in-depth concentrations of Koons’ work. Finally to make this more of an attraction the guest curator is Francesco Bonami and the exhibition will be accompanied by a fully-illustrated catalogue.