After a year of hard work preparation, we are officially open in the beautiful Tuan Jie Hu Park in the heart of Beijing CBD Chao Yang District. While our Shanghai studio is in a small lane with a garden, a spooky well and our local pink massage joint. Our Beijing studio over-looks people practicing Taichi, calligraphy and senior citizen blind-dating.

The lake in front of  our studio – Tuan Jie Hu (United Lake).

Old people gambling and some blind-dating… or simply moan about grand children…

Fish in the lake…Ninagawa Mika Style…

We were checking on progress… with the big daddy!

Shine, Wright, Mori, Lulu, Yokai (left-right). My Shanghai team fresh off the train… I can’t do it in Beijing without them!

We had a little opening party, little that I remembered other than being really happy to have my whole team and friends in town from thousand miles away!

Nick B,Sammy (the other half of Jellymon Shanghai), Queenie

Shine (Manager, Jellymon Shanghai), Mori (Designer, Jellymon Shanghai)

Meili (My Hawaiian Sweetheart), Lenny aka Futura.

Thank you all for spreading the love! WE ARE OPENED FOR BUSINESS!