"Women are heroes!” proclaim Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and the artivist JR on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

JR has visited Sierra Leone, Liberia, Southern Sudan and Kenya, returning with striking portraits of women taken with the help of his 28 millimetre lens.

He wants to share their stories, first by exhibiting them in their country of origin, then in the framework of spectacular exhibitions hosted in several cities throughout the world.

As from 8th March 2008, the faces and expressions of eight women will first of all be splashed across the walls of Brussels for a month. Their gigantic portraits will make their presence felt in the streets of the town centre reflecting how vital their role is in the daily routines of their countries.

By asking them to pull a face, JR shows the spark of life… The expressiveness of their faces testifies to their strength, their courage and their will to fight which keeps them going, keeps them alive.

“Women are Heroes!” in honour of the fate of these women, both strong and vulnerable, who display extraordinary strength in all circumstances, including the most extreme.

They do not always have guaranteed access to health care, so MSF responds to their specific health needs in numerous countries.

For MSF, this collaboration is part of its campaign on women in humanitarian crises launched last June, whilst for JR, this first exhibition in Brussels is the beginning of the third phase of his 28 millimetres artistic project – following on from “Portrait of a generation” (2004-2006) and “Face 2 Face” (2007)."

Check out this amazing project online here.

Thanks to Mare 139 for the heads up.